Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pin Bowl Wizard...

Stages in making a pin bowl

Pin bowls are an attractive and functional item.
Even more so when they are made from striped wood.

First make a sandwich of three contrasting pieces of wood,  in this case two blocks of beech, and a 6mm thick piece of mahogany.
The beech came from a closed down builders yard, and the mahogany from the side of an old drawer - recycling again.
Both sides of the mahogany and one side of each piece of beech were sanded flat, then glued together under lots of pressure from four clamps.

 Here's one I made earlier, the woods are steamed pear and african blackwood, a plain bowl is shown for contrast.
I'm out of practice at working with striped wood, the black circle in the centre of the bowl was a pleasant surprise
The stripe is also at a slight angle so the circle is off-centre, it's a design feature obviously...

The one on the left was made for Helen and is in use in her workshop.
The plain bowl is for sale, and will soon be joined by more striped bowls.