Monday, 11 March 2013

Whacking Sticks

New Mallets

Small woodcarving mallet
 Small mallet
End view of Mallets

There comes  time in any workshop when you have to hit something - for all manner of reasons...
I have large and heavy mallets but nothing more subtle, so I made these.
The carving mallet has a hornbeam head and a beech handle, the small mallet is made from beech, with oak faces.
The handle design is my own - I find it works well whether you hold the end of the handle, or hold it next to the head for fine work, though the end of the carving mallet should probably have a bigger flare at the end.

The handles are glued and wedged to the head so they won't come loose.

In case you are wondering, the markings on the carving mallet are spalting lines, which don't appear to be any softer than the rest of the head. The beech I used for these mallets had resident woodworm at some point in the past, so I filled the holes and grooves with black epoxy filler - I rather like the finish, but I will probably avoid the wormy bits if I make any of these for customers.

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